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Terms and Condition


If you do not see what you are looking for on this list, please contact us for specialty coatings, custom colors, and firearms not listed here. We look forward to working with you, thank you.




Item Code Cost
Frame P01 $65
Slide P02 $60
Frame + Slide P03 $125
Frame + Slide + Parts P04 $165
1911 Pistol Complete P05 $175
Most newer hand guns P06 $170
Magazines P07 $25
Beaver Tail P08 $30
Slide Release + Ambi Safety P09 $30
Pistol Barrel P10 $30
Glock Frames - We can coat glock plastic any color P11 $65


AR15 Rifles
Item Code Cost
AR15 Complete
Upper + Lower + Handguard + Barrel + Block
+ Trigger + Push Pins + Selector
AR01 $185
AR15 Upper + Dust Cover AR02 $70
AR15 Lower AR03 $70
AR15 Barrel + Gas Block AR04 $80
AR15 Aluminum Handguard AR05 $80


Item Code Cost
Remington 700 Complete R01 $190
Hunting Rifle Complete
Bolt + Action + Barrel + Drop Plate
R02 $150
Hunting Rifle Bolt + Action R03 $120
Shotgun Complete
Action + Bolt + Bolt Carrier + Barrel
R04 $190


Specialty Services
Item Code Cost
Duotone (2 colors) S01 $20
Disassembly + Assembly S02 $80 - Handguns
$100 - Rifles
Pro-Grip Tungsten Carbide Grip Enhancer for Slides S03 $55



Mesh Table up to 42 $120.00
Mesh Table up to 54                        $ 135.00
Mesh Table over 54 $ 150.00
Mesh Chair /Highback $ 100.00
Gilder $ 225.00
Love seat $180.00
3 Person Chair $200.00
End Table/ Ottomans $70.00
Lounges $ 140.00
Stackable endtables $70.00
Teacarts $150.00


Tables Gtt Up to 42 $100.00
Tables Gtt Up to 54 $110.00
Tables Gtt Over 54 $115.00
Chairs $ 85.00
Loveseat $115.00
3 Person Chair $145.00
End Table/ Ottomans $45.00
Lounges $ 110.00


Clamshell Quote starts at $125.00

Chair Single Gilders

$ 140.00
Lounges $ 110.00
Couches $ 150.00


MOTORCYCLE frame $ 250.00
HD swing $ 80.00
HD fuel t ank $200.00
HD front fender $125.00
HD rear fender $170.00
McVlheeis 120.00
Bracket, pulleys $ 15.00
Shrouds, AC Brackets $50-80
Most Auto Brackets $15.00
SECURITY DOOR New* $135.00
*with perf (cust provided)
Add for custom & 2 coat


VW Pans $ 450.00
2 Seat Rails (chassis only) $ 1,000.00
4 Seat Rails (chassis only) $1,200.00
VW Front ends
Beam $80
4 links $100
2 knuck $70
VW trailing arms $45
Cooling tins cpmplete $300
Valve cover $25
Quad Frame (A TV) $250
Race Car Chassis $750
Race car tin per/sq.ft $5
Sprint car chassis $500
Go kart $200
Jr dragster $500


Auto Sub Frame $300
Auto Frame $500
Truck Frame $550
Auto Truck X Member $40
Coil Springs $40
Leaf Springs $30
Rear Housing $125
Front Housing 4 x 4 $125
Lower As $35
Upper As $30


Spindles $35
Front Standard $35
4 x 4 $35
Drums $40
Backing Plate $20
Ft Disc Cover $20
Intake Manifold $100
Tranny $300
Oil Pan $80
Inner Fender $100


Fuel Tank $150
Auto Bumper $150
Truck Bumper $150
Brush Guards 4pcs $185
Accessories Quote
Brackets, Pulleys $15
Shrouds AC Brackets $50-80
Most Auto Brackets $15
Security Door New (includes customer provided perf) $135
Security Door Re-Furb (includes customer provided perf) $175


15 $90
16 $90
17 $100
18 $100
19 $110
20 $125
22 $140
Custom Wheels quote
Wire Wheels Ea $130
BICYCLES (frame only) $120
add for fork $25
Tandem quote
FENCING per sq ft $6sqft

Terms and condition

We Strongly encourage anyone who is contemplating shipment of a firearm to consult with your local BATF office prior to shipment. Due to the variety of state and local ordances for firearms possession & shipment YOU are responsible for researching and understanding the state & local laws in your area prior to shipping a firearm.

Handguns must ship from one FFL to another FFL. They can not ship through the USPS and must ship overnight. They can not be mailed directly back to you after refinishing. Please obtain a copy of the FFL for the person or business you wish us to return ship to and include it when you ship the weapon.

Please consult with the carrier you will use reguarding their policies for shipment of firearms.

Shipping Instructions

Shipping costs are not included in our pricing for refinishing.

We use & suggest the following shipping companies for shipment of firearms & related accessories:
Federal Express
United Parcel Service
U.S. Postal Service

Please contact your desired shipper for exact shipping charges. We recommend you insure any item shipped for the full replacement value of the item(s) being shipped. (Standard shipping insurance covers only $100.00).

Perfection Industrial Finishing Inc is not responsible for any item lost or damaged in shipping.

We strongly encourage shipment via Fed-Ex , due to their efficient tracking and claims capabilities. Shipment of rifles, via this method and carrier, is usually around $40.00.

Damaged Goods

If you receive goods that have been damaged during shipment, save the package and contents, then notify the shipper immediately to file a claim. Failure to follow these instructions may void your claim for damages.


Customers often ask what our return policy is. We aim for complete customer satisfaction. If you are not completely happy with our services, we want to hear about it. Let us know if something is wrong and we will do what we can to make it right.

Forms of Payment

CASH / Visa / Master Card / Money Order / Certified Cashiers Check / Personal Check.

Refinishing work requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit prior to work being started.