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Bright Dip, Matte Finish, Optical Matte Finish

Perfection Industrial Finishing has recently added 3 new chemical processes that are applied prior to anodizing to change the appearance of the final product.

To remove machine marks and light scratches, a "Bright Dip" prior to anodizing will achieve a polished finish.  The critical holes and geometries are plugged or masked to preserve the dimensions.  Instead of hand polishing parts with Scotch Brite, a quick 2 minute chemical process will achieve superior results.   The second new process is a tri-acid etch which gives the machined surface a "Matte" finish.  This can be used for both clear or colored anodize.

The last process is an "Optical Matte Black" finish.  This was developed for applications where the surface needs to absorb light and not reflect it.  It is used primarily in optical instrumentation and applications that require a low “gloss” finish.