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AS9100 is an internationally recognized quality standard that includes all of the components of IS9001 as well as additional requirements that apply specifically to the aerospace industry.  These comprehensive requirements are focused on areas that directly affect the quality, reliability and safety of aerospace products.

Companies that seek AS9100 certification strive to exceed regulatory and customer requirements, seek and apply excellence in management practices to improve performance, track and communicate their progress, and partner with independent auditors to enhance and certify their management systems.

Perfection Industrial Finishing has made a substantial commitment of time and resources to pursue and maintain its AS9100 certification.  It is a tangible expression of our commitment to quality that is understood and recognized throughout the world, and provides objective proof that we have implemented an effective quality management system.  Perry Johnson Registrars is a accredited organization that has reviewed our quality manual and other documentation to ensure that they meet the standard, and has audited our processes to ensure that the quality management system described in the documentation is in place and is effective.

Certification to the AS9100 standard provides many benefits, including:


  • Emphasis on best practices in the aerospace industry
  • Well defined and documented processes
  • Continual improvement through the constant measurement of quality
  • Greater employee awareness of quality
  • Reductions in defects and reworks through the use of appropriate corrective/preventive actions
  • Reduced costs through improved product reliability and production efficiency
  • Consistent product quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction